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Principal's Letter

Principal`s Letter

Welcome to Your School

I write to you all in anticipation of the great year we’re about to have together. I am excited about walking a journey in which we form new relationships and I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to educate your children together.

A complete change in administration is a rarity in our community; with it, we are poised to build on our strengths while taking a critical look at how we can become a new organization with a continuous improvement and whole child mindset. With it also comes the need for Ms. Mijares, the new Assistant Principal, and I to learn the culture of the school while simultaneously doing the work you all expect us to do as leaders to survey and discern where we need to move our learning community in new directions.

We are fortunate to be guided by the principles in our Strategic Framework of the District: (1) Whole Student Point of View, (2) Program Review, (3) Curriculum Reset, (4) Simplicity Re-Design, (5) Community Conversation, and (6) Transformed Assessment.

You’ll notice the school's slogan, Care Reigns Here. This slogan encapsulates everything I know about our staff as people, as teachers, as professionals. My two children have attended this school, and in being an outsider looking in for the past 14 years, I’ve always felt that above all else this staff cares about our children.

With that idea in mind, we’ll be thinking about how to connect with each child here and purposefully build relationships with each and every one that first month. Through our new Advisory Period, each student will be well-known by a specific teacher that will advise them, mentor them, complete activities that build character and team work, and overall be aware of where they are as students and young people. Many of these activities are through the Leader in Me curriculum. This curriculum is an offshoot of the popular Seven Habits for Highly Effective People approach to life.

We are a Healthy Schools Champion in our great state and want to continue driving to win that award again. To that end, we value physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and our schedule reflects that. Every child receives PE, Great Body Shop, and Fitness along with their core classes and other electives.

Looking forward to next week…

Justin Cowan
Principal, PSES