Pagosa Springs Elementary School

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PSES Reopening Snippet:

Teachers will set up classrooms to maintain as much physical distance as possible between kids (Pack all non-essentials).
Teachers will wear a mask.
Kids will have personal water bottles and will not drink from the fountains directly.
Keep each child's belongings separated from others' and in individually labeled containers, cubbies, or areas.
Utilize assigned seating to contact trace virus spread if a student or staff tests positive for COVID-19.
Students are encouraged, but not required to wear a mask in the classroom.

PSES Reopening Snippet:
During our Hybrid Model Rollout (Sep. 8th-Oct. 2nd), students on their remote/at home learning days will connect with the classroom teacher and be counted as attending during class meetings.
Here are the times by grade level:
Core Class Meetings (w/Zoom)
8:10-8:30 3rd Grade
8:55-9:15 4th Grade
9:40-10:10 2nd Grade
10:15-10:45 Kinder
2:10-2:30 1st Grade

PSES Re-opening Snippet:
How did we arrive at a plan?
1) The district has spent the past 6 weeks involving the input of over 650 stakeholders, studying and reviewing guidance from CDE and CDPHE to ensure we have built a plan that is focused on safety of students and staff and aligned with guidance we have received from health authorities.
2) The majority of our staff and our families believe it is in the students' best interest to return to school in person.
3) Our hybrid/blended model of instruction gives us the opportunity to build in social distancing, strategic movement through our schools and limits interactions in times that would normally put students in large groups such as lunch, recess and passing periods.
4) With the start of the school year throughout the country, we are seeing our tourism slow down and thus our positive cases over the past two weeks have slowed down considerably.
5) We have the ability to serve our students through remote-online learning if/when the need arises throughout the school year. Those families who would prefer to start the year with online learning can do so through CDLS.

PSES Reopening Snippet:
Families use app (will be made available when school starts) to answer screening questions; submit daily.
Temp Checks: Parents are not responsible to complete this.
Bus Riders
Drivers take temps for riders while parents wait at stop.
Screen for 100.4+ and children with above temp returns home w/parent.
Parent Dropoff
Child stays in vehicle while duty personnel take temp.
Child with above temp returns home w/parent.
Late arrivals
Nurse Aide completes the temperature check.