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Physical Education - Fitness

Physical Education, like all subject areas, share in the responsibility of developing positive intellectual, emotional, and social skills in our students. Physical Education is unique in that it has the opportunity to teach about differences among people, healthy competition, teamwork and sportsmanship. Noble concepts such as working for the common good, taking turns, playing fair, winning with humility, losing with grace, and respecting others, are often the real life lessons learned in P.E. class. 
In a world with an obesity epidemic and it's related diseases on the rise, we adopted the Five for Life program which focuses on fitness and health-based curriculum that delivers concepts through activity based lessons. Understanding the importance of fitness and health is the top priority of the curriculum. Our program is built on the Five Components of Fitness and how they relate to long-term fitness and health. 
*Cardio-respiratory Endurance 
*Muscular Strength
*Muscular Endurance
*Body Composition
We prepare students for a healthy lifestyle by giving them a solid foundation of how to maintain or improve their fitness levels. 
Some of our activities are
*Cross Country Skiing
*Water Safety
*Gymnastics and Tumbling
*Jump Rope for Heart
*Field day
*School wide Olympics every four years