Pagosa Springs Elementary School

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Crawl, walk, hop, run, skip, swim, bike, ride, dance, sing, draw, color and click your way to learning all about health! Get the latest Great Body Shop Lessons.

PSES Core Prevention Message


Students today are faced with difficult situations and decisions regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, as well as involvement in bullying or other types of violence.  In addition, some students face unwanted physical contact from peers or older individuals.  The Great Body Shop’s core prevention message emphasizes that everyone has the right to personal privacy and safety, teaching students specific skills to assertively refuse situations which are unsafe or uncomfortable.  The terms “gut instincts” and “common sense” are defined and explored throughout lessons, so that these ideas become familiar tools in guiding students’ decisions.  In The Great Body Shop, role play and dramatizations are often used as activities in which students are able to practice these refusal skills, providing practice and feedback in a safe environment, and increasing proficiency in real life application.